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Mobile Dental Hygiene Services

Healthy smiles with home hygiene
Bringing Dental Hygiene Services to:
Assisted Living Facilities
    Memory Care facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Retirement communities
Home Bound People
Areas of Dental Professional Shortage
Group Homes
School Sites
Developmentally Disabled
Adult Daycare
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My Mission

To bring quality comfortable dental hygiene services to those who have difficulty accessing a traditional dental setting. My goal is to calm fears and make your appointment enjoyable in order to maintain function, social confidence, total health and quality of life.

About Us

Importance of Dental Care

What is more precious than a loved one's smile?

 Their total health.

Good dental health is necessary for everyone.

home hygiene care for your loved ones
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*For chewing and proper nutrition

*To decrease the development of heart disease

*To reduce the risk of stroke

*Prevention of pneumonia, respiratory infections

*decrease complications of diabetes

*fresh breath, social confidence

dental hygiene peace of mind
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Our Services
Dental Hygiene at Home
teeth cleaned in your home
  • *Dental Screening and referrals 
  • *Prophylaxis-preventive cleanings
  • *Assessment of medical history and  medications in relation to oral health
  • *Hard tissue exam- teeth and     restorations
  • *Soft tissue exam- oral cancer screening
  • *Periodontal assessment (gum, bone, recession)
  • *Gum disease treatment-scaling and root planing
  • *Subgingival irrigation   
  • *Desensitizing treatments
  • *Personalized home care instructions
  • *Nutritional counseling
  • *Smoking cessation counseling
  • *Daily care of teeth
  • *Dental Decay prevention   
  • *Preventive dental sealants      


My daughter is non-verbal, has Cerebral Palsy and just turned 50 yrs old. I have always taken her to the dentist on a regular basis. She even had some orthodontic care at age 9.

We have been with the same dentist for 25 years. Ms Reese has been our hygienist for 19 years. She is very detailed and kind with a soothing voice. My daughter is very cooperative and is relaxed with Ms Reese.   My daughter attends a day program and I recently found some mom's have their children sedated for cleaning. I haver never  heard of that. My Dentist said he didn't think it was a good idea. I have always had the opinion the least medication is better than being all drugged up. My daughter has had 2 tracheostomies during these 19 years and we still accomplish regular dental care and cleanings. Ms Reese didn't blink an eye and carried on her duties. I think you will be pleased with her professionalism and I highly recommend her. She is also my hygienist.

  Patricia Wallace  Jurupa Valley, Calif.

Diane Reese, RDHAP

Success Stories


Diane Reese

Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice

I have been a Dental Hygienist for over 30 years. I feel so fortunate to be able to help people have the best dental health possible. This is so important for overall health and well being. I am committed to providing comfortable care to people in the most convenient setting possible for them.

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I am a medi-cal provider

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